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Tammy's Family, Pets and Other Stuff


My name is Tammy Kelly.   I am married to a wonderful man named Larry {far right}. We live in San Luis Obispo, CA.  

San Luis Obispo is half way between L.A. and San Fran. We live on a large cattle ranch, La Familia Ranch, which overlooks the ocean, about 5 miles from SLO.

My sister and dad also have houses here on the ranch. We have two sons, Shawn {far left} and Timothy {2nd from left}. Shawn, who is 31, lives in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, CA. Timothy, who is 28, lives here in San Luis Obispo.

My mother, Nelle E. Spradlin passed away on Dec. 20, 2000 at her home on the ranch, as she had wanted. We planted a tree on Christmas Day and spread her ashes around the tree. She has five grandsons. Tim gave a beautiful tribute to Mom at the tree planting and memorial service. She would have been so proud of him. She always had a special place in her heart for him.



My letter to my Mom

May 29, 2001

Dear Mom,
I miss you so much. I still feel really guilty about not being able to tell you how I felt before you died. I can only hope that you knew.
Larry and I are taking real good care of your tree. It’s finally beginning to leaf out, a little at a time. The whole family went up on Mother’s Day and I had put some music together and read a poem that I had found on the internet. Tim planted some tubular roses up there and some of them had already all ready sprouted. Wendy brought some roses from her garden. Daddy came too, but left after the music was over. You know Daddy. Mom, you would have loved it.
Again I must reiterate how much I loved you and miss our coffee trips. I always loved them. I look over at your house, wishing you were still there. I go over to see Daddy expecting to see you either in your chair reading or sitting up in bed watching T.V.
I can imagine what Daddy must feel when he sleeps in your bed and all around him are things that remind him of you. It must be excruciatingly painful for him.
The only thing I can hope for is that I will see you in God’s house one day.

Love. Tam


I like to surf the net. I like to search for all kinds of Poetry, especially inspirational ones.  I also have various cyber-buddies that I correspond with.  I have cyber-buddies from Massachusetts to Johannesburg, South Africa.

I hope you enjoy my site and will visit often.


We have four Cats.  Mickey, who eats constantly and it shows.  Mariah, who despite the name is a male.  Georgie, who is the only female of the bunch.  Lastly there is Smokey, who is part Siamese and part Scottish fold.

We also have three Dogs.  Franny, who is half Rott and half Lab.  A Chocolate Lab named Abby. Lastly, there is the newest addition to our family, a five month old Pug named Kai.




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